Happy Birthday Jon, Lucky Me

Jon and his familiars, Red and Fate
Jon and his familiars, Red and Fate

When Jon is taking a picture of someone, he always tries to loosen them up by saying, “Look at my bald spot”.  It usually works.

I remember when Jon and I were just friends, he always wore a baseball cap.  One of his books had just come out and he was getting ready to go to New York for a TV interview.  He asked me if I thought he should take his cap off.  Of course I told him, understanding what a big step it was for him to be seen by so many people without his hat on.

He called me after the interview and  proudly told me that he didn’t wear his hat.  After that, his baldness no longer seemed to be an issue.  And now he jokes about it.

I guess some people might say that comes with age.  And that’s probably a part of it.  But I know quiet a few people who are a lot older than Jon and are still uncomfortable with the way they look.

Some people shut down the older they get.  But Jon keeps spiraling up and out.  Growing and changing is a constant process for him.   And the older he gets, the more he seems open to it.  The more he evolves.

Lucky me, that I get to love and live with such a man.  And lucky me to know him at this point in his life,  when he’s so much more himself than he’s ever been.  Being young has it perks, but there can also be many benefits to being older.  I don’t even know if I could have loved the younger version of Jon.  But I do know I love the person he is now.  And that I’m selfishly grateful that he was born 69 years ago today.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jon, Lucky Me

  1. Happy Birthday, Jon!! Please send along our best wishes, Maria. Thanks! And definitely, lucky you!!
    All our best, Ruth and Gerry Moerschell

  2. Dear Maria, THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS!! It never occurred to me that Jon has changed so much that you might not have been able to love him in his youth. Now that you say it, this seems so obvious. I love the whole basis of this idea, that we are always changing and growing to such an extent, some of our experiences are NOT intended for YOUTH. We don’t have to feel that we missed something that should have been available to us. That wonderful person, experience, is up ahead!! Annie

  3. Happy Birthday Jon. We love coming to your farm and watching Red and Fate work the sheep. And to see your wonderful animals. I love my fairy garden Maria. It’s doing very well.

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