Bedlam Farm Open House Online Clearance Art Sale, Almost Sold Out

“When do you want to make another video?” Jon asked me this morning.    I’ve gotten used to Jon asking me this question since we started doing video’s during the Open House to sell art.

I think it’s just my nature to be a little reluctant whenever  I’m asked to do  something.  I like to consider things, not rush into them.  But Jon’s the kind of person who throws new idea’s out into the world as soon as he thinks them.  He lets the idea live or die without him.

His question got my brain going and I thought of the few items I still had from the Open House.  They’d be perfect to sell on a video.

Jon thinks the videos are fun to watch even if you don’t want to buy anything.  Maybe that’s true, you can decide for yourself.  You do get to watch me stumble over my words more than once.   There’s nothing rehearsed about our videos, they’re pretty raw.

But if you do watch the video and  see something you want to buy, or have any questions about what you see, you can email me at [email protected].

Everything in the video is 10% off.  And there’s shipping to be added on to each sale.

Here’s a list of what I have in the video and prices:

Vintage Hankie Scarf  Originally $45  with discount $40.00 + $7 shipping. Sold

Bedlam Farm Goddess Tote Bag, Originally $48 with discount $43.00 + $8 shipping. Sold

Chloe Kisses Potholder , Originally $25  with discount $22.00 + $5 shipping. Sold

Intuitive Patchwork Potholders , Originally $15 with discount $13 + $5 shipping  Sold

Liam’s Roving,  8oz bump,  originally $25 with discount $22 with $10 shipping Sold

Elizabeth’s Tallow Balm, originally $16 with discount $14.40 + $5 shipping  Only 2 left



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