Meeting Becca Addy


Mike and Becca at the farm
Becca  and Mike at  Bedlam Farm

“How long have we known each other Becca?”  We sat in the chairs in the back yard.  It was the first time Becca and I met each other in person, but it didn’t feel that way.

Becca was one of my first customers, she still buys my art.  It’s been about six or seven years now.

Because Becca started a blog a few years ago, I’ve been able to get to know her in ways I wouldn’t have with someone who is mostly a customer.  Today she reminded me I encouraged her to start a blog, something I forgot.  And I know I can encourage all I want, but ultimately, it’s up to the person to do it or not.  And Becca does it.

I got to see Becca’s life evolve.  The story of how she got divorced, lost almost everything she owned in a house fire, worked two jobs one she loved and one, not so much.

Today she came to the farm with her fiance Mike and told me her plans to retire from the job she no longer wants and how she’s getting ready  to work full-time with animals.

I’ve watched Becca’s photography evolve too.  She’s been doing it for years and it gets better all the time.   I witnessed it change noticeably when she found love.

There’s nothing like love to open us up creatively.

I said to Becca the same thing so many people have said to me when they meet me for the first time.  “I feel like I know you”.

And I think I do know Becca.  Not in the way I know my friends who I see every week.  But through her writings and photos and the scarce email’s we exchange. And I know her story,  about coming out of a dark place, finding love and making a better life for herself.  I know it because it’s my story too.

It wasn’t by chance that Becca’s life changed.  She decided she wanted something different and she worked hard to get it.  I admire that.  I admire her.  And finally I got to meet her in person.

You can see some of Becca’s beautiful photos and read her story here on her blog Becca’s Event Horizon.

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