What Goes On In The Woodshed

When we first moved into our house we had plans of making the woodshed into a bedroom that  would look out into the back yard.  But that never happened and now the woodshed is what it has always been, a place for us to store our wood.

Packed almost to the rafters with our winters firewood, it’s easy for Minnie  to get up into it and sleep on the landing and what is the ceiling of our laundry kitchen and bathroom and laundryroom.

The woodshed was traditionally Flo’s domain, but yesterday we heard what sound like someone throwing things against the walls of the house then the screams and screeches of a cat fight.

When, after a while, neither cat appeared on the back porch, I climbed to the top of  the wood pile to make sure no one was hurt.

I took a video of what I found.

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