A Visit From Cindy and Ron

Cindy and the Equines
Franny, Lulu and Chloe loved Cindy.

“I’ve known Maria since Yes No Quilts” Cindy told Scott at the Round House Cafe.  Cindy was referring to the name of my business before I changed it to Full Moon Fiber Art.

It’s true, Cindy and I go way back.  She bought some of my first potholders and quilts  and her husband Ron  still uses the small “man bag” I made him years ago.

Cindy has this spark to her.  She’s tough talking, sensitive and full of love.  She started taking riding lessons for the first time when she was in her sixties and then got a pony of her own.  A pony who sounds even more difficult than Chloe can be.  A good match.

Cindy and Ron are one of those couples, like me and Jon, who found each other later in life and their love for each other shines though in everything they do.

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