Jackie Thorne Reads Her Latest Poem “Sleepwalking”

It always feels like something special is happening when Jackie and I visit Mary Kellogg.  The two generations separated by age and technology come together with their words, dedication to their work and respect for each other.

Mary still hand writes her poems with pen and paper.    Jackie keeps her iphone next to her bed so when she wakes up with ideas for a poem she has a place to type them.

After Mary read one of her poems I asked Jackie to read one of hers.  She published “Sleepwalking” on her blog Creative Journey Woman.  Jackie’s been practicing reading her poems out loud and has been recording them on her blog for a few months now.    So you and both read them and hear them.  As with many of Jackie’s poems, I found this one haunting.

You can hear Mary Kellogg read her poem here.

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