Mary Kellogg Reads Her Latest Poem

The last time Mary and Jackie and I got together, Mary talked about writing poems about what it’s like to be her at this point in her life, what it’s like to be an 86 year old woman.

This afternoon, as we once again sat around her dining room table, she showed us a piece of paper covered back and front with her handwritten words.  They were her thoughts and ideas for new poems.  But she told us, she decided not to write those poems because, she said, they were too depressing.  They just brought her down.

Then she read us three new poems.  The last one spoke so eloquently  about aging in a way that was moving but not depressing.  I don’t think Mary was even aware that she had written a poem about just the thing she said she didn’t want to write about.

Jackie and I were both  so moved by the poem,  I asked Mary if I could video her reading it.  Mary never passes up an opportunity to read and share her work anymore although for years she never showed it to anyone.

This is something all three of us share, that desire to have our work known.  To put it out into the world and let it do it’s work.

Afterwards, Jackie read her latest poem.  You can see that here.


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