Solstice Quilt

When I got back from lunch, I wasn’t ready to get back to my goddess.  But I did have another idea brewing.

A few nights ago, unable to sleep, I found myself thinking about a piece I had stitched together, mostly from Vintage Hankies.

My friend Jackie gave me a few quilts a while ago.  One, just the top of a quilt, I have draped over Fate’s crate in my studio.  And as I lay in bed, I saw in my mind how that quilt top would work perfectly with the hankie piece.

I pictured cutting four of the squares from the quilt and using them in the corners of the hankie piece.  That was as far as I got that night.  I couldn’t picture what would be in between them all.

This afternoon I figure that part out.  This is just the beginning of the quilt.  But I already like the Illusion of  how it moves in and out.

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