The Other Side Of Cold

It felt like spring, warm air and soft ground.  It smelled like spring, mud, moisture and manure.

The chickens finally came out of the coop, after staying in for a week at least.  It was good to see them pecking around.

A forty-five degree day in the beginning of January, when just yesterday morning it was ten degrees, is a day to take advantage of.

I started by putting my Bailing Twine chair in the sun on the back porch and tying some twine.  This afternoon Jon and I stapled up more chicken wire to the places on the barn the animals were chewing on.  (With out wearing gloves!) A long walk on McMillen Road, watching some big birds of prey (I’m not sure what kind of birds they were) and the crows playing gave me the right amount of time in the sunshine and warmth to last me for a while.  I know it’s going to get cold again and soon.

Days like today help remind me of what’s  waiting on the other side of cold.

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