Solstice Quilt And Wool Batting


This is the first time I’ve used high-loft wool batting in a quilt.  Ellen, who is buying my Solstice quilt requested it.  I got the batting from St Peter Woolen Mill in Minnesota.

It was kind of like working with cotton candy, except it isn’t sticky.  All that fluff just disappears when you pass it under the foot of the sewing machine.

It was a little slower going, but not difficult to work with.  I put the ties closer together, about 5 inches apart.  It sure is fluffy and light.  Almost feels like it want’s to stand up on its own.  I like the way the fabric puffs up around the ties.

The wool batting is more expensive than the cotton batting and the quilt can’t be washed or dried in a machine,  but I’d be willing to use it again if someone wanted it.  It gives the quilt a very different look and  feel.

The back of the quilt before I tied the yarn.
High Loft Wool Batting


5 thoughts on “Solstice Quilt And Wool Batting

  1. Maria, I now have my pieces that I hope to have accepted into juried exhibits, machine quilted, something as a purist, I never thought I’d do but it is a matter of keeping up with the times and machine quilting is the way to go in this case. And the long-arm quilter who does my work and who is an artist in her own right in what she does, uses wool batting. It is delicious. There is no other word for it. It doesn’t snag the fingers like polyester batting does, it has more loft than cotton batting…it is more expensive than the other two but it’s more than worth it for the finish it gives a quilt.

    And may I say that you have one of the most expressive faces I’ve seen. Your smile is like a 150 watt bulb, lighting up your face….
    SandyP, in Ice-locked Southern Ontario, Canada

    1. I love your description of the wool being “delicious” Sandy. It is much nicer to work with than polyester batting. I may just use it again. Good luck with your quilts in the exhibits. I hope you’ll share some photos of your entries with us.

  2. I am in the process of finishing a king sized quilt with wool batting I had carded for me at a woolen mill. It is very high loft, and I’m having trouble fitting the quilt in my machine. Would you only recommend tying, rather than stitching, such a quilt?

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