“Show Your Soul” Everywhere

I wanted to get them printed and hung before I leave on Sunday.  And it looks like it’s going to happen.

I just picked up the color copies of  “Show Your Soul”.    I had them made at out local printers.  It’s not the typeface I wanted for the words, but for this first run it will do just fine.

This afternoon, Jon and I will go around Cambridge putting them up on telephone poles and on the bulletin boards of all the businesses in town.

This is my response to what’s going on in our country right now.  To the anger and divisiveness and hate, that so many people are feeling and trying to deal with.

22 thoughts on ““Show Your Soul” Everywhere

  1. adding my voice to others, if possible, please hold one for me. . .I would love to have one. Will look forward to hearing about your trip; will hold you in my heart as you travel. Veronica

  2. Awesome!!! Also
    Check out #shepersisted re: Elizabeth Warren’s speech being shut down in the Senate.
    The article is in The NY Times and online.

    “Consider this MY warning. We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist.”

    “Nevertheless she persisted.” I love it!

  3. I love it, Maria, great poster, I’m afraid they will disappear very quickly, just too beautiful to stay up on these poles for long!!! 🙂

    The word that comes to mind looking back over the events and thoughts and feelings of the past few weeks or so is SYNCHRONICITY. No obvious connections, but wow, does it all flow together so easily… You are in a lovely spot of creative confluence, Maria – definitely a strong case of Kundalini awakening!! And now you are about to go to her home, India.

    Yellow (your website) in Hinduism is a colour worn by Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu and Ganesha and represents knowledge, learning, happiness. And I am so very happy for you, enjoy enjoy and don’t hesitate to show your soul!

  4. I think I’ll give mine to my instructor and we’ll hang it in the Yoga Studio. Oh Maria, Have a great big adventure for yourself! You are full of heart. xoxoxox, Cindy

  5. Maria – Blessings to you on your trip to India. What an amazing adventure you are about to begin! I believe you are going to need a lot of posters printed when you get home. This piece speaks to many of us. I already know where mine is going to be hung! Safe travels and peace to you.

  6. We need peaceful expressions of protests emanating from our souls. Maria your posters will have an impact, and if others also share it, then as each of us looks at it and drinks it’s message, hopefully it will alter our actions. Actions of peace, rather than reactivity.

    Maria, may I share it?In faith and peace, Karen

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