The Donkeys Get To Eat In The Barn

Lulu and Fanny got what they wanted.  Breakfast in the barn.  Jon quickly caved and brought them hay. Unlike Chloe and the sheep, they prefer to stay dry.

I also posted a very short video of Fate “getting the sheep” in the snow this morning.  You can see that  just to the right of this post, below the ad and above the blogroll.  I often post videos there that I don’t post on my blog, so check it out from time to time.

3 thoughts on “The Donkeys Get To Eat In The Barn

  1. I love it when Jon caves. He’s growing and changing too! And we will soon call him “Caveman” cause this has been happening more and more. Sweet. It must be the love…

  2. Don’t I know it! He has a lot in common w. Ron. Definitely the love.
    I can’t believe it’s time for you to leave. It seems this idea of this trip was just yesterday! Have a lovely time. Be careful. Everyone wants their Pied Piper home safely. 🙂 xoxoxo

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