Kolkata Diary. The Flower Market

Marigolds are a staple at the Kolkata Flower Market.  There are giant bundles of them everywhere, these have already been made into garland.  People come to the market to buy flowers for all occasions.  Here’s some of what I saw at the  Flower Market today…





The woman in this stall, barely visible, seems to be one with her greens.


6 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary. The Flower Market

  1. I remember these garlands so well – marigold and jasmine. My grandmother used to buy these every day for her prayer room. Keep these pictures coming, Maria!

    1. Oh I bet you can smell them Tara. Our guide bought a Durga crown of flowers for Dahn’s daughter who is on the trip with us. I’ll have to put a photo of her up.

  2. Your photos really seem to capture the soul and spirit of the place. I love how there is so much color and vibrancy despite the poverty that I know exists there.

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