Kolkata Diary.Teaching The Women at “Heart House” to Make Potholders

Me and Soma (third from right) and some of the women from Heart House who will be making more potholders.  Photo by Kelly Campbell.

I guess it was meant to be.  Today, I taught one of the women at Soma’s Heart House to make potholders, then she taught the other women.

It was a very special day and I want to write all about it, but I’m so tired now I just need to sleep.

Maybe I’ll wake up at 3am and write as I have been doing the past week.  But if I sleep through the night, I’ll get to it tomorrow.

For now, here’s some pictures…

photo by Kelly Campbell

The first  potholders

3 thoughts on “Kolkata Diary.Teaching The Women at “Heart House” to Make Potholders

  1. The potholders turned out lovely. What a helpful opportunity for the women and yourself as well.Everybody wins.Thank you for bringing light to women who have been through such darkness and are trying to find their way back to themselves.Also thank you for sharing.I would love to follow your story.Sending Light and love to the women from a small corner in a NY town. THEY ALL ARE IN MY PRAYERS… freedom ! GOD BLESS THEM.

  2. I’m loving reading about what you are doing in India. I’m sure there are a million emotions rolling through your head and heart. I hope pride is one of them. I, as just a FB friend, am so very proud of what you are doing and very happy for you and these wonderful women and children. You are making a difference in a VERY positive way!!!!

  3. I am so happy for you & thankful for the positive mark you are making among the ladies & girls in India. I visited there a few years ago & also fell in love with the people. Your face is “glowing” in your photos, & you are so in the place meant for at this time. Safe travel & rest for you. Thanks so much for sharing with your blog readers. Mary Ann C.

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