A Lace Skirt, A Goddess And A Victorian Woman

The Victorian woman came in a bundle of linens.  She was obviously  never embroidered, but she was perfect just the way she is for me.  I stitched the goddess next to her and used marker for the designs behind her.

I think those birds might fly off the linen onto the wall hanging that I’m planning on attaching it to.

On Saturday, Caroline, one of the students in Jon’s writing class gave me a tin of lace and tatting that came from her family.  In it was a bunch of short pieces tied together with a green twist-tie.  Something about the way they looked when they hung down,  gave me the idea to use them to make the goddess’ skirt (which turns into a tree trunk).

That’s as much as I got done today, but I keep seeing and a big elephant’s head taking up the left side of the piece.  Maybe that will happen tomorrow.

A picture of the wall hanging as I was working on the lace skirt.

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