Jon’s Northshire BookStore Reading Date Has Been Changed. He Will Be In Wilmington Vermont On June 9th.

Earlier in the month I wrote that Jon would be doing a reading at Northshire Books in Manchester Friday, June 9th, the day before the Bedlam Farm Open House.  But that date has been changed.

Now, on Friday June 9th Jon will be giving a talk in Wilmington, Vermont at the Historic Memorial Hall on 14 West Main St.   Wilmington is about an hours hide from the farm and the talk starts at 7:30.

Jon’s Northshire reading will be on July 21st.

So for any of you who were planning on coming to the Open House and seeing Jon at Northshire Bookstore the night before he won’t be there. But you can see him give a talk in Wilmington Vermont.

Wilmington is about an hours ride from Bedlam Farm.  The road to Wilmington is a scenic one, going over the Green Mountians .   And Wilmington is a typical Vermont town, with lots of small independent shops, including a bookstore, and plenty of cafes to choose from.


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