Fate and The Sheep Potholder

I’ve been sick with a stomach bug for the past five day.  And while I did somethings that had to get done, I rested a lot too.  And I didn’t get into my studio at all.

But today I woke up craving pancakes.  The first food I’ve actually wanted to eat since Saturday.  So Jon took me to breakfast at the Round House Cafe where I had three blueberry pancakes with Scott’s homemade maple syrup.

Then I went to work.

I’ve been thinking about how to use the fabric that Hannah sent me for a while.  A small print of a  black and white dog running back and forth.

Essentially, a print of Fate.  Not only does it look like her, but it captures her spirit.

Watching Fate race around the  sheep  in the pasture this morning  and noticing how calm they are around her, how oblivious they are of her, I got an idea.

I went to my studio and  turned on my free motion sewing machine, got some practice scraps and stitched a sheep.

The essence of a sheep.  Calmly watching Fate run circles around her.

Then I switched sewing machines and pieced together a potholder.  A potholder of Fate and the sheep.

It’s just a small piece of fabric that Hannah sent me, so I don’t know how many  Fate and The Sheep Potholders I can make yet.  But it will be limited.  I’ll make some to sell on my blog and some to sell at the June Open House.

I’m looking forward to  going into my studio tomorrow and making more of these.   It feels good to feel good again.


4 thoughts on “Fate and The Sheep Potholder

  1. I love this potholder! How can I get on list to purchase?

    Thank you Maria. Your work is inspiring.


  2. nothing the tummy bug to make one feel so low. glad to hear your feeling better.
    I have a personal very special 20th anniversary comming up in mid Oct.
    would you have time to make at least two small quilts or potholders for me. please comment here and if you can i will get in touch by email.

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