Jon’s Book Tour Unofficially Begins

The Polaroid, Connie at Battenkill Books, took of Jon and me. I like the Young Adult sign above us.

Connie brought out the new Polaroid Camera she just got.   It takes tiny pictures and Jon and I were her first subjects.

We were at Battenkill Books again today.  Jon’s been going there almost everyday since Connie got a shipment of  1000 of  his new book “Talking To Animals”.

Jon will sign every one of them.

Jon’s book tour officially starts next Tuesday, May 2nd with a reading at Battenkill Books at 7pm.   Red will be there and we’re thinking of bringing Fate too.

(You can order “Talking To Animals”  at Battenkill Books and Jon will personalize it.  You can call Connie at the Bookstore or order it here on their website

Sometimes I think I get more excited about Jon’s book tours than he does.  But I know that once he gets in front of an audience, no matter how big or small,  he’s right where he wants to be.

And I get to listen and see how his talk changes as the days go on.  How he perfects them, and though no two are exactly alike, he always gets to make the important points  and tells the good stories.  It’s true I often take my sketch pad and draw while he talks, but it’s not due to boredom as he jokes, for me, it’s a better way to listen.

One of the reasons Book Tours are so much fun is because Jon never gets nervous.  So we get to have a good time before after and during the talk.  Jon’s always  professional when it comes to his work.

Years ago, he had a  talk in the middle of the day, on a weekday, at a bookstore in  Connecticut.  There were only three people there.  Just the week before he was in Austin Texas speaking to a crowd of 1000 people.  Without hesitating Jon went to each person waiting and asked them to pull their chairs in a circle and instead of a talk, it was a conversation.   We all had a good time.

On Wednesday we’ll go to Albany where he’ll be on Vox Pop, a talk show,  on WAMC.  And on Thursday he’ll give a talk at the Annual Connecticut Library Association Conference, at the Mystic Marriott.  Red will be there too. On Saturday the 6th  at 3:30,Jon will give a talk at the Chatham Library in Chatham NY.

There are more events, but they’re spread out over the next couple of months.

The other part of the Book Tour is that I get to see some of the people I know too. Those people who know me through Jon’s writing and the people I know through my blog and business.

Jon and I came together through our creative lives.  So when Jon writes a new book, it’s a big deal.  Like an anniversary or a holiday.  It’s one of those things that marks our lives.


4 thoughts on “Jon’s Book Tour Unofficially Begins

  1. Oh, Maria! I LOVE this picture of you and Jon! I agree the Young Adult sign over your heads is just right. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY BOOK!! I pre ordered last fall and it will be on it’s way soon. Annie

    1. It will if you ordered it that long ago Annie. It must have been in the first batch. I wasn’t there to see Jon sign it. I so enjoy seeing the names of the people I know when he’s signing books at Connies.

  2. Hi Maria, What a great photo Connie took! You both look so happy! Book tours are wonderful. I’ve met several of my favorite authors through them. The real personality can’t help but show itself. Unlike the back flap of the cover. I loved Jon’s books and first saw him at Barnes & Noble in Framingham MA. I was so nervous to actually see him in the flesh! I sat in the front row and savored the night. I loved on Izzy then after I was through I walked to the back,back row and said Hello to “his Girlfriend”. “He had referred to you , the whole group turned around to look at you and I could just feel your embarrassment! You and I both were shy but managed to chat and smile. I fell in heavy duty like with you that day, years ago.How great this has all been! Look at us today!We are not afraid to stand in our truths. At last. 🙂 to you and Jon.

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