A Preview of Ed Gulley’s Art For The Bedlam Farm Open House

I got a text message from Carol Gulley last week saying that Ed had some new work for the Open House he wanted to show me.

So on Sunday, Jon and I went to the very real wonderland that is  Bejosh Farm.   A place of Animals and Art and two really good and talented people.  We got the tour which started with the sheep that Ed made from  the aluminum that he found in the road from a catalytic converter.

Jon and Ed were at each other from the moment we get there.  It’s all in good fun, you can see the real affection they have for each other, between the jokes and insults.

Ed has a whole new line of work for the Open House this year.  Small wind chimes made of silverware, keys, jello cups and farm stuff.  Signs made from old pieces of metal and harness parts.  A peacock, one leg in the air as it makes its way across the lawn.   And a few surprises, still in pieces in his shop.

Ed Gulley is one of nine artist’s at this June’s Bedlam Farm Open House.  But you can always see his work and read his and Carol’s blog, Bejosh Farm Journal here.

This is the Peacock that Ed is almost finished making.  There’s a few detail missing yet.
Ed made some signs using old pieces of metal and old harness pieces.
“Open” by Ed Gulley
“Horse and Cart” by Ed Gulley


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