“Red” Potholders For The Open House

I just finished designing the last “Red” Potholder.  I made them for the Open House, but Jon posted a picture of them on his blog yesterday and I just about sold out of them.   So today I made some more.

I won’t be making anything else after today.  On Sunday or Monday, I’ll start moving everything out of my studio getting it ready to be my School House Gallery for the Open House next weekend.

It’s  between now and the first day of the Open House, that I find it hard to shut my brain off, thinking of all that needs to be done and how to do it.  But I’m determined to take a walk or do yoga each day, to keep me from spinning out of obsessive control.  As fun as that can sometimes be.

I am taking orders for “Red” Potholders.  I’ll be making more after the Open House, so it will be about three weeks before I’ll get to them.  They’re $25 + $5 shipping and you can email me at [email protected] if you’d like to order one.


2 thoughts on ““Red” Potholders For The Open House

  1. Hi Maria – I would love a Red potholder if I don’t manage to snag one at the open house. So put me down as an order for now! 🙂 See you next Saturday. Candy

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