House Breaking Gus

You can see Gus hiding under the hosta leaves

Sometimes it’s hard for me to see Gus as a dog because he’s so small.  Even for a puppy, he seems more like a big baby rabbit than a dog.

We have a pen for Gus when he’s outside, but this morning I was in my studio with the door open, so I left Fate and Gus in the fenced in area outside my studio.  They both ended up sitting by the back door.

Fate in one of her favorite spots on the step and Gus under one of the Hosta plants.

Seeing him under those big leaves made me think of the way I figured out how to pick up Gus’s poop.

Because his poop is so small, the Pooper Scooper is overkill and really doesn’t work that well.

As part of Gus’s housebreaking Jon and I take him outside on a leash several times a day.  Always after eating and whenever he wakes up.  I have the 3am shift, since I usually wake up then anyway.

Gus and I walk around the yard and when he pees or poops, I say, in a very cheerful “up” voice, “Good get busy, good get busy”.  Get busy is our command for the dogs to eliminate.

Then we clean up after them, tossing the poop in the pasture.

But because Gus and his poop are so small, I came up with the idea of slipping a leaf under him as he goes.  And it really works.  Our big Birch Tree sporadically drops leaves this time of year, and they’re just the right size for one of Gus’s tiny loads.   If there aren’t any Birch leaves, a dandelion leaf works just as well.

It’s neat and efficient and when Gus is done I toss the whole thing, leaf and poop over the fence and   into the pasture.

Gus is making me think creatively in a whole new way.


One thought on “House Breaking Gus

  1. We used a paper towel for Harley, same way..down it went..poop never hit the ground. so nobody could complain…we live in a populated area so this worked for us..

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