Grazing The Back Pasture, Thinking Of Chloe

I took the sheep into the back pasture to graze this afternoon.  I haven’t been back there in a week or so.  Because it’s been raining so much there’s plenty of grass for the sheep and donkeys in the side pastures.

Seeing the way the wildflowers are growing in the in back pasture made me think of Chloe.

That’s another reason there’s plenty of grass this year.  Chloe ate a lot.

A few days ago a friend asked me if I ever missed Chloe.

I told her I did.  Chloe has such a big personality, she’s hard not to miss.   She filled a very special place in my heart.  And when she left, that space inside of me remained intact.

I feel more of a whole person having lived with Chloe for those few years.  I have no doubt she healed something inside of me.  Being able to take good care of an animal that big, including knowing when it was time to let her go and finding her a good home, gave me a sense of confidence I’ve never felt before.

And now, whenever I go to the hardware store in town and see Donna, I hear stories about Chloe.  How she walked right through the portable electrified fence.  How she gives pony rides to Donna and Treasure’s children and grandchildren.  How she loves the other horses at her new home.  And I when Donna tells me these stories, I can see in her face, and hear in her voice how much she loves Chloe’s big spirit.

The back pasture has a wild almost abandoned feel to it now.   I wade through the flowers,  Yarrow, Bergamot, Wild Oregano, Bedstraw,  all kinds of Clover, and  so many more  I can’t identify, the insects a constant hum.

It’s hard to believe that one pony could make such a big difference.



3 thoughts on “Grazing The Back Pasture, Thinking Of Chloe

  1. ” I know the horses have something to teach me “quote by Maria Wulf on her horse wall hanging. They do and they did! I think getting to know Pamela’s “Piper” also was a learning experience. You have such a healthy out look here. Little do you know all you have taught me. 🙂

  2. When I see those grazing sheep, all I see is all the gorgeous yarn on its way! I also get so tickled at how thoroughly the sheep ignore Fate. But then Red starts his “come bye” from yards away, and the sheep really hop to. And I get to looking for Gus, but he could really have a problem in that tall grass.

    Have a happy week.

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