A Goddess Patchwork

This small piece of patchwork came along with lots of other fabric in a box in the mail.  I didn’t think I would be able to use it, but today I saw it sitting on the dinning room table and thought to fill in the white spaces with my own drawings.

I spent the morning with my sewing machine and permanent markers and Goddess Book for inspiration.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it next.  I’m thinking it will become part of a quilt.

The woman who sent it to me wrote in her note that a long time ago she sent me an email saying my Studio Barn (my studio at Old Bedlam Farm) was  like a bee hive.

Her actual words were “a beehive, humming with quiet, purposeful activity and creation” .  I liked what she said so much I blogged about it. (you can see that post here)

I always remember her words about my studio, I guess because they rang true.


5 thoughts on “A Goddess Patchwork

  1. Maria, when I checked your blog there was something riveting about the image of the goddess patchwork. Then I realized you had transformed an ordinary quilted square I sent you into something magical. The beehive was humming yesterday….

    1. Yes Heidi it’s the one you sent me (thank you!). And you wrote that message about the beehive in 2010. Thanks for coming along for the ride for so long.

  2. I love your Goddess piece, I think it would look great in a quilt or as a wall hanging. I so love the quote about the beehive, it’s what I feel when I am immersed in my creative work space and I can hear the bees buzzing about outside my window.

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