My Apple Branch Sculpture Through The Seasons

Apple Branch Sculpture this morning

My Apple Branch Sculpture is thriving.  There’s fruit and flowers on the vines and they’re reaching to the top branch.

I was thinking about what it looked like this winter when I piled up the pruned branches from our apple tree so the animals could chew on them when it snowed and there was little else for them to do.

In the spring they used the branches to scratch themselves.  I found lots of tufts of wool stuck on their ends.

Then the  sculpture created a structure to protect the seeds and seedlings that I planted under it from being eaten by the animals.  And now it’s an armature for those same seedlings to climb on.

I have no plans for it for the fall.  I’ll be interested to see what happens then.

My Apple Branch Sculpture this past winter in the snow
Apple Branch Sculpture in the Spring.  You can see the tufts of wool on the branches.

3 thoughts on “My Apple Branch Sculpture Through The Seasons

  1. It’s really fun to see how the Apple Branch Structure evolves over the seasons. It’s so neat that you saw it as a sculpture from the outset and check in on it from time to time. It reminds me of performance art.

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