Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 8/14/17

You can really see the evolution of Gus in the pasture.  He’s pretty comfortable now, pretty much knows to stay out of the way of the sheep.  He hugs the fence, comes to me or Jon or the donkeys when he’s uncomfortable.  I’m much more at ease too.  I feel like if he’s with Fanny and Lulu he’s safe.

4 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 8/14/17

  1. I love the rituals of keeping animals. Your video speaks to that for me. Gorgeous markings on Gus. He definitely is a “mama’s boy” (Jon’s words) and I think that’s fabulous…Have a lovely day Maria:) Thank you for sharing.

  2. I get the best laughs at Fate running ’round and ’round the herd. I love to project what the sheep must think about it. God love her! She does give me great pleasure. I think she has definitely reached the canine Peter Principle! Keep it up Fate. I love you!

  3. I enjoyed watching this Maria. All of your animals are so beautiful and so is the scenery. Gus seems to be coming into his own.

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