A Visit from Uta and Herman

Uta and Herman giving the donkeys and the gray hen an apple.

Every once in a while, I get an email from Uta.

We’re going to be in the area, she writes,  I’m still cleaning out my sewing room and I have more stuff for you if you want it. 

Sometimes Uta and her husband Herman just leave the boxes of fabric and thread and trims on the back porch.  Other times, like today, we get to visit a little.

Uta is always very conscious of not intruding or taking up too much of my time.  But this morning we planned to meet and she came with a bag of small, sweet, yellow apples from her tree for the donkeys.  She also brought a book for our Little Free Library and took one.

Uta, like me, is reluctant to throw anything away, so she has years of sewing materials that she is slowing giving away.  It’s been good for me and my work that she’s  given up sewing and taken up gardening.  And it’s always  a pleasure to see Uta and Herman, two kind and generous people.

2 thoughts on “A Visit from Uta and Herman

  1. Thank you for your kind words Maria. We had a wonderful stay at the Bunker Hill Inn and went on to the Washington County Agricultural Fair.
    Thanks for your help in helping us find a place to overnight.

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