Gus On The Furniture


Gus snuggled in a blanket on the couch.

“So,” I said to Jon as Gus curled up next to me on the couch, “I guess we’re letting Gus on the furniture.”

We never really talked about it. It’s a given that Red and Fate don’t sleep on the furniture. They’ve never shown any real interest, so it never really came up.

But Gus is like the cats when they come in for the winter.  He just makes himself at home.  He acts as if all the furniture was put there just for him to have his choice of where to sleep.

And, he’s hard to resist, he’s such a snuggler.  He loves to curl up next to a warm body or cuddle in the folds of a blanket.

And he can easily jump up on all the furniture now, except  the bed,  it’s still to high.  But that’s  only a matter of time.

This afternoon when I came in from my studio Gus was sitting in my pink chair.  The same chair I used to have in my Studio Barn at Old Bedlam Farm where Frieda and our barn cat, Mother, used to sleep.

I looked at Jon who was reading in the chair next to the pink one and he just shrugged.

I pushed Gus over so I could sit down.

Having a dog on the furniture is something new here, but we all seem to be in agreement about it.


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