Orange and Blue Quilt (Real Title To Come…)

I think sometimes my new iphone camera is too good with the details.  It almost makes my new quilt look hard instead of soft as it is.

I finished designing it this afternoon and now I’m off to my Belly Dancing class.   I’ll write more about it when I get the backing on and it’s all tacked together.

10 thoughts on “Orange and Blue Quilt (Real Title To Come…)

  1. Maria- just love this quilt. The colors and patterns look so wonderful together. It pulls you in to your center.

  2. IF I had riches
    I’d simply have wishes
    To cover the walls
    And all the halls
    With all Maria’s stitches!!

    Love, love, love this lush, colorful piece.

  3. This quilt speaks to me. I love it! The panel in the middle makes me think of the fires of passion (sexual and otherwise) with the cool blues being the temperance of thought and the black of calm meditation. A touch of the greens of new life and the dark greens of healthy growth…erm, did I mention it speaks to me? lol

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