Backing and Tacking Ellen’s First Quilt

I put together the batting and backing on the first quilt for Ellen today.  You can see the first quilt laying on the floor of my studio.  I had a big tan sheet that I’m using for the backing of the quilt.  So I cut that to size and lay it on top of the face of the quilt.

Then I laid the batting over both pieces.  This is the fluffy wool batting I got special for these quilts.  They make a thick, lightweight and warm quilt.

I trim the batting to the size of the quilt and pin it down, leaving an opening in the bottom of the quilt, big enough for me to turn it all inside-in once I’ve sewn it together.  Sewing this fluffy batting is more difficult than sewing the thin cotton I usually use, but I’m getting used to it.

I now have the quilt hanging from a beam in the middle of my studio.  I did my monthly work shift at the Cambridge Co-op today, so I didn’t get much tacking done.  When I got home, I started the process using a blue yarn.  Then I went  to Belly Dancing Class, so  I hope to finish the quilt  tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Backing and Tacking Ellen’s First Quilt

  1. Really looks great and I am happy you showed the fluffy batting. I have been using the flatter Warm and Natural, while nice, I want to use the fluffy next time.
    Your assistants go a long way to making your work so spectacular!!

  2. These quilts are just so beautiful! All the more so, hanging against your burnished wood walls. Ellen will LOVE THEM! Annie

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