Izzy’s Bedlam Farm Wool, Sold Out

Izzy having breakfast this morning.  She’s a messy eater, but has lovely wool.

We told Donna we’d take one of the Romeny Sheep she had at her farm.  She had rescued them from going to the market.

Romney’s are wool sheep, not meat sheep and the four ewes that were living at Donna’s  had beautiful wool.

Izzy was the first sheep we took because Donna said she had the best wool.    She acclimated to our flock without any problems and soon we were going back to Donna’s to get Rosemary, Biddy and Griselle.

They were the perfect additions to the farm.

This years Bedlam Farm Wool from sold fast, but I still have 6  skeins  of Izzy’s wool is sold out.  available.

 So I’m putting it on sale for 10% off.  

It’s 100% Romney and is a deep brown, almost black.  It’s soft and strong as Romney wool is.  The skeins are 3ply worsted and 200 yards each.

Originally, the Skeins were$25 each plus shipping.  With the 10% off they’re now $22.50 each.

Shipping for 1 skein is $5,   for 2-3 it’s $8  and 4 or more is $10.   Shipping is a bit more outside the US. 

If you’d like any of Izzy’s wool you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and PayPal.

Izzy’s wool

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