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Biddy and Zelda

It didn’t take long for me to realize that setting up an Etsy Shop was a good idea.

All my fears evaporated as the emails from Etsy came in and  I  saw that I sold most of the potholders I posted.

Some to people who came to my shop I knew, and some  people  have been trying to buy a piece of my work for some time. Some from people I don’t know at all.

After talking to friends who sell and buy on Etsy, I decided it was a good idea to email each person who bought something to thank them, and  to create or  help keep the connection between us.

A few people answered my emails. Johnny is hanging one of my fish potholders in the shop where he makes rock formations for salt water fish tanks ( I love that!)  And Jan bought a Little Window Potholder with a bunny, to have for Easter when her daughter and granddaughter visit.

I love hearing the stories of the people I meet through my work,  as much as I love selling my art.

I’m going to be picking up my wool on Sunday and now I’m planning on selling it too on Etsy.

It will be so much more efficient than selling it on my blog.  It’s a more direct process and there’s never a chance of someone not knowing if something is sold or not.  There are more ways to pay on Etsy than I offer on my blog.  And it’s more efficient  on my end too, so I can process the orders and get the wool in the mail quicker.

(I’ll still be contacting anyone who is on my wool list first,  before selling the yarn in my Etsy Shop.  We’ll do the business of buying and selling the old fashioned way. )

So I’m happy to say my Etsy Shop, fullmoonfiberart,  is a success.  Thank you all for your help and support in making that happen!

7 thoughts on “Etsy Success

  1. I’m so glad opening the Etsy store is working so well for you. A while back I bought one of your little window potholders, it has a beet as the focal point, I love that little potholder it hangs over my work area so that when I am typing I can look up at it and it makes me smile.

  2. I’m very glad you’re finding Etsy is working well for you! The potholders are wonderfully artistic. (I loved the one with the little dragon!) Looking forward to seeing other items.

  3. Thank you for sharing this success with us. I love your Etsy shop, in fact I love shopping on Etsy period. I can get things directly from artists and farmers that are difficult to find elsewhere. (I got the most beautiful Camellia there recently and when it arrived it had 2 blooms on it)

    I like your photos on Etsy as they are rich and can be enlarged for detail. Your pot holders are “every man’s little bit of art work” for the home. I have my goddess potholder proudly hanging on the wall like a picture.

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