March For Our Lives In Cambridge NY


Students from Cambridge Jr/Sr School

Most of the students in Cambridge who wanted to be a part of March For Our Lives, were in Albany marching.  But for the students who couldn’t get there, they were able to walk in the sibling march in their own town of Cambridge.

The march in our town was organized by one woman, Nancy Krauss, who sent out emails, and made signs.

And people responded.

There were between 300-400 people gathered at the traffic light (there’s only one in our town)  and making the mile long march to the edge of town and back to the Round House Cafe where the march ended.

I saw lots of people I knew (like Sarah Burke, on the far left in the photo) and lots of people I didn’t.  Some of them came from other towns.  There were people of all ages,  from babies to adults in their 80’s.  Students, teachers, farmers, artists, hunters, business owners, parents and grandparents.  Many of them own guns.

They carried homemade signs, chanted and played drums.

They showed up.

We all wonder if this will last.  If change is actually possible.

When Jon and I got home, we watched some of the speakers at the March in Washington.  Seeing and hearing them, and knowing kids like Sarah Burke, from my own town, I can’t help but believe, that even if it takes years, till these kids get to vote, till they are old enough to run for office, things will eventually change when it comes to how we think and feel about guns in America.

They’re not grabbing the bait and engaging in the old arguments.  They have something new to say.

They’re using their unique voices and they are being heard.


I asked Jon to hold my Crocheted Gun sculpture so I could get a picture of him and it and the crowd.  I loved carrying it on the march. I wish I had thought to hand out my postcards, but I’ll save them for the next time.

4 thoughts on “March For Our Lives In Cambridge NY

  1. watching it on tv today i see the moment as a series of waves as those young adults grow old enough to vote. each election year more kids will have turned 18.
    there was a large range of ages of kids and young adults there today. they are the waves of change that will continue this forward.
    they spoke the truth today.
    its about gun Violence.
    i was with them in spirit..often brought to tears, of sadness but mostly of being so damn proud of them. in cities and small towns across the U.S. and the world people showed up and they listened.
    i agree that those in power who don’t listen and work for changes against gun Violence should be voted out.
    i believe that many among the crowds today will have a personal impact in some way in the coming months and years.. going into politics, advisors ect.
    we must continue to listen,to show up,to vote. in doing so we help this become a wave of change, not just a day.

  2. a young man spoke today of the day he was in 6th grade.
    his little sister was 6 years old.
    for a week she looked forward eagerly to the day her class would be making gingerbread houses. that day never came.
    i have pictures of my son with the gingerbread house he made in first grade. my son is an adult now living a fulfilled life. i know many of you have these photos as well.
    in this young mans house the picture frame was never filled. i have graduation and prom photos.
    too many picture frames will never be filled with these type of photos. because they were killed in the schools and in the streets.
    i was able to talk with my adult sons today and say i love you.
    my heart weeps for all those who can’t tell someone that or hear it said back. my life goes on everyday normal. often in my thoughts are those who don’t have that.
    please listen, vote for those who give a damn and will give thier all for change.
    too many picture frames remain empty of lifes events and everyday normal photos.

  3. Dear Maria, I was moved to tears by what Jon wrote about you, your fabric sculpture, and the March (for Life). The two of you are such a gift to the rest of us. Instead of being at home hibernating in your sorrow over Gus (Like I would have done) you are out SMILING, GIVING TO OTHERS, SHARING, MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR LIFE!! Thank you so much for all you do to inspire us. Annie

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