The Goose Story, Seven Chicks

“….Now I’m thinking about the next part of the story.  The part where one morning, we go out to feed the animals and see not one goose, but the two geese and their chicks.”    From The Goose’s Story

Well, it happened.  This morning Jon and I walked out and saw the  Canada Goose family hanging out in the pasture.  I counted seven chicks.  We didn’t get too close, not wanting to scare them away.  Mom and dad protectively, bookended the chicks, as they pecked around, learning how to do what they do.

We closed off the pasture yesterday so they won’t be bothered by the sheep and Donkeys.   I hope we get to see them as they grow.

Next year, when I see that lone goose in the pasture, I’ll know that his mate is sitting on the nest somewhere close by and soon there will be chicks to keep them both company.

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