Love Owls

The Barn Owls I made for Jon

I hadn’t been on this path through the woods since the winter.

Fate and Red ran ahead of me and I saw the movement in the trees out of the corner of my eye.  Hawks, I thoughts as I saw the big,  gently flapping,  grayish wings.  But then they landed, as quiet as they flew, and I saw the two heart-shaped faces looking at me.

Two Barn Owls sat high up on the dead branches of a tree, one above the other. It would have been a cliché if I took a picture.   I watched their faces rotate on their bodies, as if their heads weren’t  moving at all.

After a while I silently said a goodbye and continued walking.

They must be mating, I said to Jon when I came home.  It’s so usual to see two owls together like that.

Those heart-shaped faces, the way they flew together in the woods, and the wonder of getting to witness them made me think of me and Jon.

We were married 8 years ago today. Sighting the owls seems a symbol of our relationship.

I knew I’d want to draw them.  Seeing them was too important not to mark somehow. As I started stitching them with my sewing machine on a piece of linen this morning, I found myself making two Owls.  Looking at and leaning in toward each other.

I’ll give them to Jon as a gift.   Their heart-shaped faces and bodies, say it all.



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