Black, White, Gray, Hot Pink and Chartreuse

Some of the things I have for sale in my Etsy Shop. The Bedlam Farm Wool (I only have 5 skeins left) is on sale for 20% off.

I  upstairs in my office/guest room, writing out checks to Jon and the Refugee fund, for last weeks Etsy sales, when Jon’s familiar ring came from my phone. (We often text and call each other even in the house)

He was leaving for Albany to visit Hawah and another refugee woman in need of help and wanted to know if I had a potholder I could give to her as a gift.  I picked out a colorful potholder and then noticed how nicely another of the potholders I had matched the House of Hearts tote bags.

Then I looked around and saw Suzy and Biddy’s gray wool.

Maybe it was just an excuse to stop doing my paper work,  but all that black and white and gray with a splash of bight pink and green was just irresistible to me.

I knew if I was setting up my School House Gallery for an Open House I’d be displaying  these items  together.  What a nice little package they all make.

But since we’re only having one Open House in October this year, I guess a photo will have to do.

You can visit my Etsy Shop anytime by clicking here or on the Etsy Icon on the top of my blog.


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