The Challenge of Dancing At The Farmers Market

Kathleen McBrien and Jeanne Rogers in the front and Trish Gardner and Jackie Slade in the back

Bellydancing at the Farmers Market has its challenges.

The Sisters of the Shawl, don’t complain about it, they just figure out how to make it work.

The stage is painted plywood, which can be tough on bare feet (some of the dancers wore shoes).  The music can’t be loud enough to bother the vendors,  but sometimes a song is so low you can barely hear it.  Like singing in a crowded bar, most people aren’t paying attention,  they’re at the farmers market to shop.  And, if the weather doesn’t cooperate,(last year it was raining, this year it was one of the hotter day we’ve had so far)  the show still goes on.

I tried to capture the feeling of dancing at the farmers market, in this video,  by showing the people walking by, some taking the time to stop and watch and others seemingly oblivious to what was going on  around  them.

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