Something Has Broken Off Inside of Me


Something has broken off inside of me

I can feel it rattling around when I move

like the last penny in the piggy bank,
it keeps getting caught

It’s pale blue or hospital green
an inch or two square

but not perfectly square

Hard like a paint chip still attached to rusting metal
it clanks though my body
rolling chaotically on its corners

getting snagged on a rib, as if I’m hollow inside

It’s old and wants to get out

but I can’t imaging that happening,
not without a lot of pain

Those corners scare me

Maybe if I keep moving
I can smooth out the edges,
like glass tumbled by the sea

Make it less dangerous


even if it’s always there,
if it never gets out

It won’t matter as much.

4 thoughts on “Something Has Broken Off Inside of Me

  1. I’m glad this poem found you. I’ve got a notion that the old jingly jangly pieces of our former lives or hurts never physically leave, they are waiting to make their presence known and it is our co stent challenge to them ineffectual and round off their sharp corners

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