Jon’s New-Old Study

It took the whole morning to clean up and rearrange Jon’s study.

By the time his new Partner’s Desk was delivered from Shiny Sister’s, a great little shop in town, we were ready for it.  We slid it into place, and to Jon’s great relief, put his computer on his new desk,  then spent another hour putting everything else back.

A few weeks ago I walked into Jon’s study and realized it was beginning to look like the room a hoarder might live in.

The first thing I decided to do was move the victorian couch, that Lenore used to sleep on, into the living room.  Everything that was on the couch went onto the floor for a couple of weeks till we had the time to find a bookshelf and the new, then actually do the work of sorting out what should stay and what should go.

This afternoon we made a run to Goodwill and dropped off a load of camera bags and tripods, and a few boxes of stuff from the attic.

After a few finishing touches, like getting some old bricks from the barn to use as book ends, Jon is happily typing at his computer on his new desk with Red behind his chair.

It bothers me to have stuff piling up in closets and in the attic (and in other parts of the house, like Jon’s study)I think it’s an energy thing.  It just feels bad to me.  So I found the weekend of purging and rearranging really satisfying.

Now I’m ready to relax for the night.

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  1. Dear Maria, YOU HAVE MADE JON’S OFFICE A PLACE OF BEAUTY AND CREATIVE ENERGY!! I love what he wrote about you and the cleaning of his office “Maria is like watching a tornado rush across the plains” Of course, I LOVE EVERYTHING HE WRITES ABOUT YOU!! Those posts on his blog are always my favorites. Annie

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