Staurolite Quilt, “A Giant Puzzle”


I finished designing my Staurolite Quilt today.

I framed the busy part of the quilt with black lines then gave it a border of sage so it could breathe.

Patsy left a comment on my blog saying :

I am not artistic and cannot sew but I am a fanatic about puzzles. Crosswords, jumbles and anything else that requires rearranging until it is right. Your quilts are like a giant puzzle…

That’s often how I feel about my quilts.  They’re like puzzles waiting to be figured out.

6 thoughts on “Staurolite Quilt, “A Giant Puzzle”

  1. This is just so lovely! The one patterned material reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Love the combinations. Someone is going to be very happy when they get this.

  2. Thank you for using my quote. I am honored.
    This quilt reminds me of a busy city street. Lots of different folks going in many different ways. Some are bright and some are dark. And I like the one different corner. I think I would like to go there.

    1. Lovely description Patsy, It’s probably a reflection of what I’m feeling right now, with is much like the busy street you describe.

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