Staurolite, My New Quilt Continued……

I just ran out to my studio to take a picture of my latest quilt.  I wrote on my last blog post how I forgot to take a picture of it on Friday night.

So here’s what it looks like now.

I saw two things about my quilt today.  First that it feels almost complete to me.  It just needs to be surrounded by some solid colors.

Also, it reminded me of the Staurolite that I brought back from New Mexico.  This is a rock that is found in few places and New Mexico is one of them.   Jon bought it for me from a guy who was selling rocks on the side of the road in Taos.

The moment I held the Staurolite in the palm of my hand I felt its grounding energy.

I keep it on the altar in my studio and often I pick it up and hold it.  When I do, it’s as if all else fall away.  I drop down deep into myself, my palm heavy with its energy.

I’ll work on my quilt again tomorrow.

The Staurolite that Jon bought me in New Mexico

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