Kapo and Her Detachable Vagina

My Flying Vulva Decals for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I’ve gotten some meaningful, fun, insightful and angry responses to my Flying Vulva’s whether they’re on Potholders or decals.

But I’ve learned something from them all.

Some people send me their own stories that the Flying Vulva’s remind them of.  Others the stories of Goddesses.  I even appreciate the responses from people who are upset by them.  Those are the ones that help make me more articulate about my reasons for making the Flying Vulva and articulating what it means to me.

It was Sharon who sent me the story of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele and her sister Kapo.  It goes like this….

Once when Pele and her sister Kapo were traveling they were seen by Kamapua’a (the hog-man demi god).  Aroused by the sight of Pele he pursued her.  Kapo however, happened to posses a detachable vagina.  To save Pele she threw this decoy away from the direction of their flight and Kamapa, distracted, went off after it...”

I had only barely heard of the Goddesses Pele and Kapo, before reading this story.  And the little I’ve found out about them shows that they are very powerful.

But I saw a truth in this story that spoke to me.

It made me wonder how many women have given away their sexuality to save themselves from men who wanted to take it from them.  As if they had a right to it.

We learned to cover and hide, be embarrassed by and even be disgusted by our own sexuality.  We’ve learned to hate and be afraid of women who are proud of their sexuality and refuse to suppress it.

How many women have been accused of deserving  “it” because of the way they dress or act.  We give away our sexuality to save ourselves.  And our religions and our Laws and society reinforce the idea.

But things are changing.  Maybe not quickly and in a crooked line, but there is progress.

And that’s what my Flying Vulva’s are about.  That new freedom strength and power that women are feeling and living right now.

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8 thoughts on “Kapo and Her Detachable Vagina

  1. The Great Mother is considered the highest Hindu deity by some and gifts the male Hindu deities with their ability to act. Without their Shaktis (feminine energy) they can do nothing. In my opinion there needs to be a whole lot more of the Mother in the world.

  2. Eight happy vulvas
    Smiling from the grass
    Circled, flying outward
    Joining strength en masse.
    Calling all their sisters
    Harking forth a plea
    Embrace the body politic
    And set the vulvas free!

  3. I have to say, I just don’t know what to make about all these vulvas. lol. I have had mine all my life and am rather fond of it but when you started making them, it stopped me in my tracks for a bit. You are a brave woman Maria Wulf. Bravo.

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