Sixty-One Second Ocean Meditation

I did this Sixty-one Second Meditation over and over again, continuously on our vacation to Rye Beach, New Hampshire.   Sometimes were were at a beach with rocks other times mostly sand.  However the water touched the shore, it  became a meditation to me.

Never in my life have I sat and watched the ocean for so long, doing nothing else, as I did in the past three days.

6 thoughts on “Sixty-One Second Ocean Meditation

  1. I’ve been sitting working at my desk all day and just took a second to look at this link. Within 3 seconds I could feel my shoulders fall and relax like magic. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. In art college I scooped up as many marine biology and astronomy classes as possible. Gazing into the sky and looking into the sea are so humbling. The sensations and thoughts and wonders – inspiration and the unknown unbound. They make your mind spin, your spine tingle – your skin feels free and a smile graces your face. Nature kind of does that magic thing…the connectivity inside you hums like a strand fingered on a harp. That buzz!

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