Just Plain Old Socrates

Last week we got a new Socrates Mystery Snail after Socrates II died.

Since these snails only live about a year or so, I’ve decided to drop the regnal number (that’s what the number after a name is called, yes, I googled it, there’s no way I would have known that)  and just call the Mystery Snail that makes his home in our tank, plain old Socrates.  

My new Socrates is much smaller than the other two I had, so I’m hoping that means he is younger and will be with us longer.

Socrates is not yet as entertaining  as his predecessor,  but he did do something I’ve never seen any of my snails do.

I’ve watched and videoed my snails eating algae off the side of the tank, their thousands of tiny teeth, scraping the glass clean.  But this morning, I saw and videoed Socrates eating a flake of fish food.

Maybe not everyone’s idea of excitement, but well, when you’re a snail nerd, as I’ve become,  it’s pretty fascinating to watch.  You can decide for yourself…..

2 thoughts on “Just Plain Old Socrates

  1. Watching Socrates chowing down fish food was the coolest thing. Watching him suck it in with his snail lips. Wow.

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