Jon and Bud, Beyond Training

It’s been kind of amazing watching Jon train Bud.  Actually, it’s a connection between them that goes way beyond any idea I’ve ever had of dog training.

When they’re working together it’s as if the space between and around them is charged. Jon exudes confidence in his ability to teach Bud what he feels is necessary for him to learn, to live on the farm.

But it’s not just Jon telling Bud what to do.  He’s also watching and listening, observing how Bud acts and reacts to his surroundings and the other animals.

Jon takes training seriously and also completely enjoys it, finds it fun and interesting.

I think what I’m seeing happening between Jon and Bud is what Jon always talks about when he refers to dog training books and videos.

So many people can give a play-by-play directive about how to make a dog sit or come.  But that’s only the skeleton of what’s really happening when working with a dog.  It’s like learning a painting technique.  Almost anyone can copy a technique, but it’s what the person puts of themselves into the painting, beyond the technique, that makes the painting art.

It’s not only Jon’s mind and experience that goes into training Bud, it’s his heart too.  And that makes all the difference.




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