Sara Davis’ Coffee Mug In Florida

Sara Davis’ Mug

Carolyn sent me this photo of her having her morning coffee, in the mug she bought from Sara Davis, who was in the Bedlam Farm Open House,  on her porch in Florida.  You can also see Mary Kellogg’s new book This Time Of Life on Carolyn’s table.

Carolyn’s very happy with Sara Mug and a few people have emailed me asking for information on Sara’s Etsy Shop.  Sara’s shop is called GoldenEarthDesigns and you can click here to get there.

Right now Sara doesn’t have any work for sale in her shop, but she is planning on stocking it with her ceramics soon.

Also, I just put Mary Kellogg’s new book This Time Of Life in my Etsy Shop.  You can buy it there or at Battenkill Books.  It’s $10 + $4 shipping.

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