Retaking My Creative Vows

My New Work Table ready to use.

I sprayed lavender water on my new Work Table to help iron out the creases. It’s in place and ready to use.

With all the new creative things happening with and around me, I feel like I’m retaking my creative vows.

Not that I have any doubts about how I want to spend my time.  But sometimes I do get down on myself for not making a lot of money or not having the kind of work that has sick days and paid vacations, or health insurance.  As if it’s a reflection on how responsible a person I am.

The idea of making a living as an artist is a relatively new one for me even though I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years. It’s good I live with someone who had been living the creative life for so long. Jon is quick to remind me that this life is my choice along with the ups and downs that go with it.

I have not entered this life blindly, I am truly grateful for it.

Grateful that I can spend my days in my own company, creating what I choose and sell it so easily right from my home.

The need to make a living actually helps keep me creative.  If I didn’t need the money I might spend more time being less creative.  Have more time to worry instead of work.

The idea of  retaking my creative vows focusing around a new work table or an event is a nice one.  And I believe in marking important events.

But I actually believe I retake my creative vows every time I sit down at my sewing machine to work.   Each time I take a picture to post on my blog, or write a piece on my blog that has meaning.  I’m doing it when I figure out a new way to sell my art that makes it better or easier for me and the person buying it.

My new Work Table is great, but useless if I don’t use it.

Every night when I leave my studio I  bow to it and thank it.  Every morning when I walk into my studio,  I’m rededicating myself to my work, simply by doing it.

5 thoughts on “Retaking My Creative Vows

  1. Your post resonates with me. I am finally taking the leap with my partner to travel working seasonal jobs. Right now, I am staying ata local hotel working at the pumpkin patch, a family dairy farm runs. In November, we will be living and working in the Grand Canyon. Next. Maybe. Glacier Park or Alaska. Hawaii. Who knows! I am excited. Like you. This is uncharted territory. I feel alive though. This is what is important. More than security. Thank you Maria for letting us follow your journey pf inspired creativity

    1. Oh Janet That sound like great fun and a real creative adventure. I traveled the US for about a year, years ago and meet many people who worked seasonally in the national parks. Enjoy! Wish you were blogging about it, I’d love to read that….

  2. Dear Maria, Your new table is BEAUTIFUL! But I like Jon’s photo of it better because he has you in it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Annie

  3. I love how you feel you have retaken your creative vows each time you sit down at your sewing machine, take a photo, write a blog post. I feel much the same way. For me though it goes deeper, each time I hand stitch I feel my grandmothers love, she taught me to hand sew when I was a child, she was only in my life for 8 short years yet those were enough for my to grow into the creative woman I am today. Her love all those year ago is what makes me strong and gave me the strength to walk away from the corporate world in 2009 to pursue a more creative life and never look back. Sure it’s a struggle at times and being self employed can have it draw backs, no health insurance as I age is worrisome but not enough to make me go back to 9-5.

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