Snow White Flying Vulva Superhero

Snow White is on a piece of fabric with three other Disney Princesses.  I working on giving them all Flying Vulva Superhero emblems, tattoos and tiara’s.  I hope to have it done tomorrow for Election Day.

10 thoughts on “Snow White Flying Vulva Superhero

  1. You should be ashamed of yourself dishonoring a little girls idol. Of all things to take a Disney character and dishonor them like this. Have you no morals? It is one thing to sell other items decorated with your flying symbol. But you have dishonored a Disney character aimed at children. You are terrible. This is all wrong. May God forgive you for this one.

    1. Betty, I actually think it’s really good for little girls to have as much information about their bodies, including their vulva’s. And I believe seeing their vulva’s as a strength instead of something to be ashamed of is a good thing. In my opinion those Disney princesses, are the thing that is harmful to a little girls self image. And I should know, I grew up with many of them.

  2. Th problem Betty, is that princesses are idols, as if simply marrying the prince will make us happy and strong. This Halloween I counted 23 princesses among our trick or treaters and 48 super heroes — 46 boys and two girls. I like to examine the role that gender marketing plays every year in so many of those over the counter costumes. Research has shown that out of eight archetypal costume choices women and girls are typically presented with only two: overtly feminine heroes and overtly infantilized, non-human characters such as animals (Sullivan, Hipple, and Hyers, 2017).
    This matters in ways that go beyond just Halloween of course. . When we sexualize a female warrior or infantilize a lion we are removing agency and power from what that character initially represents. A female warrior doesn’t exist to do battle so much as to showcase her legs; a lion isn’t here to terrorize the Serengeti but rather to passively twirl its beribboned tail at others. Super heroes juxtaposed against princesses. But Maria, you have strengthened and empowered these princesses. I’m sorry Betty misses the point. Next year, I think I am going to give out flying vulva stickers along with the candy to every princess I meet on Halloween~Maybe we need a companion piece for the boys. Tender helpful
    penises perhaps?

    1. It’s interesting about the numbers of superhero’s to princesses. I remember being at Disney and seeing so many girls dressed up as princesses. But the boys were mostly pirates. Seems like we’re teaching our girls to be helpless and dependent and our boys to be thieves and thugs. I never thought about the infantilized animals Ellen. That’s really interesting, I’ll be thinking about that one…. I’ll be happy to supply the flying vulva’s for next halloween and I’m already thinking of the tender helpful penises.

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