Red’s Back Home

Red only made it into the house with our help when we came home from the Vets this evening.   Once again his back legs gave out.  He made it into the living room and stayed there until just a few minutes ago, when he was able to get up and go into Jon’s office, where Jon is writing.

Dr Fariello, our vet, believes that it’s arthritis on Red’s spine that is causing him to be in pain and sometimes  not able to walk.   He’s being treated with anti inflammatories and acupuncture.  Hopefully that will work.  It was discouraging when he came home tonight and had the same problems as last night.  But we need to give the treatment a chance to see if it works.

Since Red couldn’t go to Jon earlier in the evening, Jon went to Red where he lay on the floor.   Then, of course, Bud had to join them, while Fate kept an eye on things from the ottoman, her favorite perch.


5 thoughts on “Red’s Back Home

  1. I know comparing stories is usually totally inappropriate. I hate it when others do that. To give hope, I wanted to tell you about a man who is a guide dog user that frantically called me one day when his labrador went down on main street in the city. I carried her as youve done,as she whimpered. Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s vet said the exact same thing about his dog. All situations are different and God is in control,yes. He has given us stewardship over dogs. Just passing forward that just as unexplained, Adele ,his dog came around after a couple of weeks,getting stronger each day,and guided him for another 3 years. Red is Red,not Adele. Hope is always good to share I believe.

  2. Hi Maria, I’m keeping all of you in my prayers. I’m glad Fate is keeping an eye on all of you on the home front. Love, Janet

  3. Something that really helped my Border Collie girl Skye age 12.5 now was using a long knitted scarf under her back legs to help her walk when she was having raising herself up & back leg mobility issues.. It’s super soft, easy to pop on & off, hope he feels better soon. Love that Red.

  4. Thanks for the update Maria. I recently had a very similar experience with my beloved Border Collie, so empathize deeply with what you and Jon are experiencing.

  5. I love the photos you are taking of them. Touches my heart. We’ve all been there at some point and well…..holding you all in the light.

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