Wendy’s Migration Quilt

I checked my email in between working on Wendy’s quilt.

There was a message from one of my readers, saying she wanted to buy the quilt for Wendy.  She wrote that  it would make her feel better that she could help Wendy in some way after losing all she owned in the California fire.  She said she wanted to remain anonymous.

I completely understand how she feels and think it’s one of the beautiful ways that community happens.  When people do for each other in this way.  Giving what they can, when they can.

The email buoyed me.

As quickly as I had a vision of the quilt design a couple of days ago, making it manifest in the real world wasn’t as easy.  I

Reading the email gave me the courage to do what I knew was right but had been trying to avoid.    I don’t often change something once I’ve sewn it together.  It’s not how I work.  Unless it’s just not possible, I work with each decision I’ve made, believing it will help me know what to do next.

But this quilt was different from the start.  This morning it didn’t look like I had envisioned it.  But I knew how to make it work.  I had to  undo some of  what I had done to fix it.

I used my seam ripper to separate the three  main sections, of the quilt.   Then I cut the two end pieces into three more pieces and reworked the blue corner squares.

After that it flowed.  I saw the stripes of fabric on the ends of the quilt, like the sky on top and  layers of the earth, on bottom,  grounding the four directions.

It’s a long and narrow quilt, according to the dimensions that Wendy gave me.  I can picture it on the bed in her mobile home.  Hopefully bringing some warmth and comfort.




9 thoughts on “Wendy’s Migration Quilt

  1. This quilt will mean the world to Wendy.
    More importantly, these are the “kind” of people who read/follow you!

  2. Oh Maria…it is even more beautiful than before. I feel so very honored by the generosity of your reader…thank you so very much! We are still dealing with the trauma and shock and repercussions of losing everything in the Paradise CA Camp Fire but blessed to have escaped just in the nick of time with our lives. Our new to us motorhome will be our home until we determine our future. Looking forward to seeing some of America for the first time and maybe discover a new place to call home. Until then Home is wherever we park with our stunning Migration Quilt keeping our souls warm. Thank you Maria and your dear generous reader! Wendy, Bruce and Ally (woof) Pine❤️

    1. I can’t imagine what you are going through Wendy, but I do feel closer to the experience of the California fires through knowing you in this way. You have brought the story home. No matter how many pictures or videos I see, it became more personal when you told me your story. And the quilt and my reader wanting to buy it for you is a way of coming together that is healing for all of us in our own way.

  3. What a lovely restorative story for all of us in this torn world of politics and tattered morals. Thanks for sharing, Maria. I like the story with the quilt. It deepens my understanding.

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