Making Myself A “New” Dress

The sweater and sun dress

I think the sun dress would probably fall into the “Vintage” clothes category.  It’s definitely more than 20 years old.  The sweater is newer, given to my by my friend Athena.

The sweater was too big.  I replaced the straps on the sundress years ago, but since then they always  fall down off my shoulders.  It’s also patched in more than one place.

I never thought of putting these two pieces together till I saw someone else do something like it on Pinterest.

I’ve been more active on Pinterest since I got my blog redesigned.  Now whenever I post a photo on my blog that would fit on a Pinterest board,  I “pin it”, keeping my boards up to date.  I now see Pinterest as my gallery, so much of my collected work and photos are there.

So since I’m more active on Pinterest, I get more emails about other people’s boards I might be interested in.  And one of them had a bunch of reworked clothes on it.  Things like cutting a sweater that’s too long and putting a skirt on it to make a dress.

So that’s just what I did.

The sweater and sundress after I cut them.

I used the dress I was wearing as a template and cut the bottom of the sweater off and the top of the dress off.  I’m not one for doing a lot of measuring, but I did take out my tape measure for this and ran it along the edge of  sweater and dress as I was cutting.

Then I pinned the front of the skirt to the front of the sweater and sewed them together.

The sleeves of the sweater were too long so I cut off about 2 1/2 inches and just stitched along the edge of the sleeve with my sewing machine again and again with a zigzag until it seemed like it wouldn’t unravel.  It made a nice lacy edge.

This all took about 45 minutes to do.  And to my surprise came out pretty even all around.

(You can look at my Pinterest anytime by clicking on the Pinterest Icon [the red and white one with the “P”] on the bottom of my blog.)

Me wearing my “new” dress.  The leggings are by Carol Law Conklin.

12 thoughts on “Making Myself A “New” Dress

  1. I’m tiny like you. If clothing isn’t petite it spills off the shoulders and the crotch sags. Even the petite size pants are long. I live in AZ where there are a lot of tiny Mexican women. I find nice petite clothes at Goodwill.

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